As Turkey is a fertile land for real estate investment, especially the major cities, including: Istanbul – Bursa – Antalya

Investing in Turkey is not an easy topic for many investors, especially those with no real estate experience.

Not every offer is an investment proposal, and not every property is a profitable property. Rather, it loves to think carefully and consult before making any firm decision.

Many investments and experiences have ended in failure if it is in Istanbul or other Turkish cities, due to many reasons, the most important of which are:

The investor’s lack of knowledge of the investment market and general laws in the country.
Failure to explain the idea of ​​investment by the consulting firm or real estate agent that the investor deals with.
Wrong instructions from the consulting firm or real estate agent due to lack of experience or greed.
Choosing the wrong property or offer at the wrong time.
Too many offers and lack of distinction, to choose the best investment.